EOE - Patch 1

- Fixed a bug that was randomly restarting the forest puzzle 2 after opening a chest
- Fixed the world lootable elements only giving Iron Ore even if another item was displayed
- Modified the character controller stick and keyboard sensitivity
- Fixed a bug that was making creatures part of a group but not part of an encounter continue their pursue after the battle
- Fixed a bug that was removing speakers names in free roam dialogs after opening a chest
- Improved a few animations
- Fixed a few cases of framerate drops
- Fixed a crash when an ennemy in exploration was colliding with a siege weapon
- Added some SFX
- Moved a crystal fruit that was not reachable
- Fixed a softlock case
- Fixed a bug that was preventing hunting quests to be saved
- Improved a few VFX
- Fixed an issue that was preventing the legendary hunting quests to be seen on the hunting board
- Fixed an issue that was preventing monsters from going into aggro mode after accomplishing certain events ingame
- The penitent boss won't hurt himself anymore while doing "Defense Breaker"
- The croctas legendary beast have now the correct HP amount
- Fixed a bug on hunting quests where killing more than the required amount of monsters would not complete the objective

- Fixed a bug that was setting the game as english language instead of default steam language

- Added a new submenu in the main menu to have the language/sound and game settings in addition to graphic settings on the main menu
- Fixed a bug that was preventing changing graphic settings on the main menu
- Fixed a bug that was preventing crafting recipes to be learnt
- Myrna doesn’t give again a previous main quest step when talking to her again after completing further main quest steps
- Added Camera Sensitivity setting
- Added Invert X Axis setting
- Fixed a bug that was blocking the Left Stick axes from the Dualshock 4 controller
- Removed some world lootable objects (like Iron Mines, Celestium, Grasses, etc…) where it was not possible to take them due to collisions or steepness
- Added a savepoint near the end of the chapter I location
- Modified the case validation VFX
- When completing the chapter I the bridge to go back quickly to the plain will be opened
- Added a new quest reward to the secondary quest “Tough Love”
- Added new voices audio on some free roam dialogs
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Outpost” sidequest to be completed
- Fixed a visual bug that was making characters on steep area in battles to be oriented wrongly after taking a hit
- Improved a few animations
- Improved a few cutscenes
- Fixed a bug that was duplicating Daryon during the innkeeper scene
- Fixed some spelling errors and some out of bounds text issues
- Improved move in line skills like the Orokko Charge, they will be less likely to fail and the monster will go back to his original position afterward if he cannot find a free case at the destination
- Added a few missing SFX
- Battle camera improvements with siege weapons or long range spells targeting
- Improved and added colliders on the openworld map
- Modified the battle camera angle

- Fixed a few quest markers

- Fixed an issue preventing the sidequest output to be completed.

- Fixed an issue with the penitent quest when refusing the combat.

- Enabled the twitch plugin

- Increased chinese and japanese characters size in subtitles

- Fixed a bug that was preventing controllers from working randomly


Edge Of Eternity - Windows 64 4 GB
Version 5 Dec 07, 2018

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