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Game doesn't work

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Wow, can't believe the devs care so little to not even test this for Does not work, do not buy.

Edit: Got the Android version working. Still not worth it. Love the concept, but the main characters are so unlikable it's painful.


Very interested but it simply doesn't launch, even with the patch.


The game didn't run on PC (and I didn't fancy messing around with patches) but it does run on Android without a problem, in case anyone else is in a similar situation.


This game was a sobering gut punch, and especially powerful considering that I got it from the Ukraine bundle.  

Definitely a worthwhile experience, and I'm glad that I played it.  It's good to be reminded of how important it is to be compassionate with people in impossibly difficult situations, and to be reminded of how refugees are so, so much more than what circumstances present them as.  They're whole entire people, with lives that they've left behind, who are facing impossible things just trying to find a safe place to build a future.  

This game puts that front and center, and lingers with you after you've finished playing.  And I appreciate that.


I can't get this game to run.

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I wish there were a way to get in contact with them and see if they can fix it.

Lower in the comments, another user posted a downloadable patch that makes it work! 

Thanks to Seneca for posting this.  The game will open in French but you can change it over to English right after the brief intro.  


I mean I tried it before but I couldnt get it to work even with that. Not sure if I did it right tbh.

Game is good so far as plot and I like text based games. However, lots of bugs. Keeps glitching out everytime I try to scroll back to previous days in the conversation. I also wish there were less auto typed messages from "Majd", and more instances to choose to "type it" yourself, even if it is a single (forced) choice. Lots of potential! Just think it needs polishing. 


this game is so bad


The game doesn't launch. The exe EMMA.Desktop doesn't works. Also, can't find a way to get the Steam key. Please, devs, help!


Same for  me :/ - Bought from the World Land Trust Bundle


Steam keys are excluded from bundle purchases all across


Okay, but is there a way to play this game with


Yep! I made a little patch that fixes the game so it runs properly, you can download it here:

I think I tested it pretty well, but let me know if it doesn't work for you!


You are the real hero! It works! Many thanks.


Works great for me, thank you so much!


Thank you very much, works perfectly here :)
I can't believe the publisher didn't even bother to try running the game ONCE, that's kinda sad


May just be me, but I'm not seeing where the Steam Key button is on the downloads page.


same here. Seems like the pdf is outdated


ditto. but who cares? support for Ukraine is crucial


The Ukraine Bundle version doesn't come with a Steam key