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I didn't mean to play through the entire game in one go, I swear, but it was addicting and by the time I finished, I realized it'd been an hour. Whoops. If anyone's hesitant about playing through, don't be. The way things come together slowly is perfect, and the original soundtrack is great. 

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there is no activation key with the bundle. it is a DRM free download of the game that is provided with the bundle.


A really great piece of interactive fiction! It was pretty fun reading through everything, unlocking new sections, and learning more about the characters. The art is super nice and the music is a really, really nice touch! I did get stuck a couple times, but the puzzles are generally pretty simple and accompanied by hints. 


A really good puzzle story game. The music is great and the story is well done. It's not too challenging and the clues are hidden in a clever way. Definitely recommend for a nice sit down and play through!


I was just going to play this game for a few minutes to check it out... accidentally ended up playing through the whole thing in one sitting. Amazing game. I'm looking forward to playing the next one.


ive only been playing it for 20 mins or so but i can tell ill love it ! i rly feel for sam :( we seem in similar positions


Just finished playing the game and had a lot of fun playing!  If anybody wants to play, make sure to read everything thoroughly.  The experience was very immersive and I love everything about it.  Amazing job! 10/10!


Great pacing for the story reveals. I like how simple the game is, but still makes you feel like a detective :)

Having trouble getting this game to launch. "

Failed to initialize Direct3D.
Make sure you have at least DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your
graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration
in display settings.
InitializeEngineGraphics failed"

I have the latest version of direct x. Very confused


Such an amazing game that has great representation!!


This was so touching, this game was so amazing


Wow. This game really pulls at your heart strings, I hope all the characters are doing well now

wonderful representation in this clever entertaining game! highly recommend

What a lovely, touching, and surreal story. Thank you for your impact.

I loved this game!!!

I loved this story, both for what it told and how it went about it. Whether this story comes close to your own walk in life, or if it's beyond your imagination, I think this there is value to playing this game. 

Thanks devs for a well made Thing.

The whole concept and artwork of this game is beautiful. Every minute spent on this game was worth, 100% replaying it again. Have to saw definitely worth it <3

This is a really powerful game, I've played it on Android and I'll be playing again on PC to remind myself. As someone who answered the same issue this handles it very well. Woudl definitely recommend to everyone. 


Just played this game on PC for the first time through the Free Games with Prime section with no context and was pleasantly surprised by the entire story. Best of luck to everyone going through something similar to Samira's own struggle.

This game is beautiful the message the art the music thank you for such a wonderful game i really loved the ending thanks for showing the world some of the problems some people go through i,m sure loads of people are happy that you made this game thank you for blessing the earth with this game and its wonderful message :)

i really loved this game a lot!  the music was lovely and the story was very fun to figure out.  i was worried about the ending but i ended up loving it!  thank you for an enjoyable story with lovable characters and beautiful artwork.

is there no download for the ios version, because i wont buy it two times

this is SUCH an amazing game! I love the story and everything little detail. Also, the picture of Samira as her true self at the pride festival is so pretty! great artwork

Why is there no DRM free version of Linux listed ? Windows and OS X gets DRM free but not Linux ?

Had A Fun Time With This Game!


I would really appreciate mobile version available here or on Aptoide – I do not have the Play Store installed :)

Had a great blast playing this game!

Video's gone

What version of the game would I be buying here? I'm guessing it's not any mobile version (though some devs distribute side-loadable Android games on

So, it's probably the "PC version" - but what does this mean? Just Windows, or Mac/Linux, too?

And lastly: what is the "activation key"? A Steam key? If so, will there be a DRM-free version, too?

You will buy a Steam code unlocking the Steam version of the game here. There will be Windows, Mac and Linux builds available.
If you'd rather like to get a mobile version of A Normal Lost Phone, I would recommend you to wait for the release on the 26th and get it on your mobile platform of choice.

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Will there be a DRM-free version on


For now, it's just Steam codes, but we might upload a DRM-Free version in a near future!

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Okay, then I'll wait with buying until you release a DRM-free version.


I too will be waiting for a DRM-free version. Looking forward to the annoucement.

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